Need help, not have my post deleted

I posted that I need help and I did search and did follow the template – my post got shut down.

I want to disable Ghost but cannot find instructions anywhere. Do I have to have some kind of Magic Decoder Ring? Is this how you treat all your new users?

I’m using Mac 11.3.1.

Hey @mdfloyd !

Your original post got deleted because it was too vague and we would like more details about the specific issues you are experiencing. It would be useful to give us as much information as you can so we can resolve the issue.

Thank you,


P.S Give us all information, what is Ghost? Is it an extension or third party software? Can you link to where you found it?


Thank you for the clarification. I think it’s third-party software and it automatically installed itself when I downloaded Brave. It’s ghostery.

I used it years ago and disliked it; I don’t like it any better now and would like to disable it when I use Brave.

Ghostery is a 3rd party extension and does not come installed with Brave. You can remove the extension the same way you would any other extension by going to (in browser) brave://extensions and clicking Remove.


Thank you – when I followed your instructions I got:


I clicked on the temporary access and was able to disable Ghostery.

So the extension is gone and you’re all good to go?