Need Help : new phone lost wallet

My phone got damaged and I had to get a new phone. I lost my brave tokens. I know my old wallet#, can you please assist with migrating over my tokens pretty please.

Any updates on this?

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Nope trying to follow up but nothing

Hello, when can you assist with restoring my wallet. I have been using brave for over 2-3 years.

Hi @Sim1Master, please see our DM. Thank you.

Steeven I have received nothing from you on DM, I sent you my Gemini account and new brave wallet and nothing

Hello @steeven did the DM get lost? I am very determined as I have invested time to help Brave earn users. Please to help me resort my wallet. I will be emailing the CEO after this. I have seen sooo many people complaining, it seems something is not right. You were active 1 day ago yet have not sent the DM you lied about 10 days ago. What sort of business is going on over there. Do we need to blow a whistle???

@MistaJay are you able to help?

Hi @Sim1Master, thanks for your continued patience. Please see our DM.

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