Need Fast Easy Fix for Bookmarks Being Hidden

Just now I noticed that:

  1. When I launch Brave from its shortcut on the Windows 10 Taskbar, Brave displays my bookmarks properly

  2. When I launch any bookmark into another Brave window or tab from that open Brave tab, the Brave bookmarks display in the new tab or window disappear from view. They can again be seen by pressing Crtl + Shift + B.

Seems like it should be a simple fix. Go to brave://settings/appearance and then scroll down. You’ll see a toggle that says Always show bookmarks on new tab page

I’m going to bet yours is off. Just flip that on and you should be good.

That setting was already engaged, it was already turned on.

I would have shown a snapshot of it but I don’t see a way to do that easily on this follow up message.

And, at this exact, 2nd message, now the problem has quietly disappeared without any sort of explanation, let alone a correct one.

Should have just been the simple upload button, which exists on every comment/post you type out. Need Fast Easy Fix for Bookmarks Being Hidden - Brave Community - Brave 8_29_2022 4_27_01 PM But that’s all good.

Weird, but good to hear it resolved.

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