Need discussion: Click on download to execute


This post is for discussion about the suggestion below :point_down:

my idea is :
  • I click on the download link
  • the download is added to the download bar
  • the download complete
  • When i hover the completed download : (actually : I have the choice
    [open folder, get link, , ] and a click on the title of the download does
    noting ) / (my_idea : still have the same choices but a click on the title
    open the download with default software ( exemple : vlc for mkv, photoshop
    for psd, notepad for txt, etc… )

Obviously we have to add a safeguard for accidental clicks… What do you think about it? :thinking:

Let’s discuss :smile:


This seems legit to me, but unfortunately, I currently have no time to put in the development of this feature by now :confused:

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