Need Clarification on Jan Payout

Dear Team,

Need a clarity on Payout Process Announcement on Home Page ;
Are you included the payout period?
Please note that the payout beginning on February 7th is for Brave Ads earnings throughout January (plus any BAT you’ve accumulated before that).

Query : Ideally, I should be receiving XXX BAT in my Gemini Account from my 2 devices for the January and before that ; Am i correct ?

If you only recently enabled Brave Ads (for example, on December 2nd, 2021), you will receive your payout in next month’s payout period.

Query: I joined on 20th Dec, 2021 however i received my payout from Android on January ; Didn’t receive the payout from Desktop and didnt raise a query for the same since it was mentioned that it will be released in next payout period which is in February ; Now it again says the same thing ; What’s the meaning of this ? All new users payment will be held for how long ??


Expecting a reply @steeven @Mattches

Note that your payment may be impacted by the following issue:

That said, if all were working correctly then yes, you should receive payment for both Dec and Jan during this payout.

Thanks a lot Brother. Will wait.

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