Need chatgpt support in brave

I use brave search which is a solid choice.
can we have chatgpt support in brave search like (public beta)
or search (in testing phase)
i really want this to be supported in brave.



AI like Chatgpt have good scope in search engines especially like brave search.

For eg.,
If I search for image like ‘snow mobile on moon with earth in background’. I will obviously not get a single search hit.
But, if the very same search is done when image AI like Dalle, Stable Diffusion are integrated into brave, I will get good images.

Brave search team should look into it. Specifically for premium users (will cost money for API)

watch if brave wants users to pay it need some features like ai chatgpt maybe 50request for free and unlimited for premium.
and paid vpn in browser will not work if someone paying for vpn they want a full device vpn so brave need a vpn app and remove vpn from browser.
but for now chat gpt will attract users to use a privacy friendly option instead of google