Need Brave support email address because I can't create a ticket request

I can’t create a ticket request via the standard process because I subscribed to Brave VPN via my iPhone. So, I don’t have the required Premium Account Invoice number. I only have Apple’s Order ID and Document No. Would someone please help me with an email address to someone at Brave so I can get my issue resolved via the ticket request system?

Hey @MDM

You can still create a ticket with this form. The Premium Account Invoice number is not a required field.

Have a great day!

Thanks for the information and link! How do I determine the version of Brave’s VPN as the guidelines indicated to include version numbers.

@MDM before speaking more of what to do or not do, would you briefly explain the issue you have?

I also want to note that there is not an active email for you to write to. You either would do a support ticket at or would create a topic here for most issues.

Any issues with your subscription would vary on how you signed up. As you did this through your iPhone, most likely you would need to go through the Apple App Store as your subscription would be handled there by default.

If you are able to provide more details on the type of assistance you need, I can guide you better on what to do and can try to tag in the appropriate people to help.

@saoiray, I was getting ready to submit a request via the link to the form that was provided previously. Here is what I was going to submit:


When I opened my system last week, Brave showed a message indicating that it changed a setting to protect my privacy. I don’t remember exactly what it said. After which I was unable to open any files using File Explorer, Excel, or Word – rendering my system useless.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Open File Explorer
  • Navigate to a file
  • Double-click the file
  • OR
  • Open Excel or Word
  • File >> Open >> choose file

Actual Results

After step #1 above the path green status bar at the top progresses very slowly as if it’s trying to access files, but never finishes.

After step #3 above, I think it started the program needed for the file type, but then it hung – never actually opening the file. (I say I think, because since this happened Microsoft updated my system – presumably overwriting what Brave VPN changed. And since I needed to be able to use my system, I didn’t turn Brave VPN on again. But of course I want to be able to!)

After step #6 above, it hung and never actually opened the file. The system would indicate, “[Program Name] not responding” and I have to use Task Manager to stop the program.

Expected Result

To open the file so I can do my work.

Reproduced Consistently?

Yes, every time.

Brave VPN version

I don’t know how to check Brave VPN version.

That’s not something asked, as there’s no “VPN version.” It just asks which version of Brave you’re using.

Piecing this together, I’m assuming you’re talking of Windows desktop of this issue.

Brave VPN doesn’t change anything. I wish you knew more of what you saw. I’m guessing you saw something from Windows or another program.

Unlike Chrome and other browsers, Brave never has any pop-ups or anything to speak about what they changed. You essentially have to go digging around to figure anything out. And Brave doesn’t generally change any settings on your OS.

Brave absolutely should have no impact on the things you’re referencing having troubles with. So it makes it sound like you have another program on your computer that is causing issues or that you might have some sort of virus or something.

Do you have anything like Malwarebytes or anything you can try running? And are you the admin for your computer?


Thanks for your reply. This is concerning because the message showed it was coming from Brave.

I have Norton and will run a thorough scan. And I am the admin for my computer.

@Mattches I’ll tag you in just in case you have some idea. I know what I’m seeing here is making no sense to me.

Whatever the issue you’re encountering is on your system is not related to Brave or the VPN. If your browser was acting weird or sites were loading slowly or maybe if downloads weren’t completing or something like that, I might say it was Brave related. But as @Saoiray stated, it seems like there is something else going on with your system that is causing the issues you’re having/preventing you from performing operations.

Brave very well may have said something (although I don’t know what it would have been) related to your privacy and/or security but I’m not convinced it’s related to these issues at all.

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