Need " banish" app style functionality. Stop app popup requests on reddit

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Websites like reddit force you to respond to a popup that asks you to download the app before you can proceed.

This happens every time you access reddit using the website.

Stop the popup.


Motorola moto g power.

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Hello @sharkmeat

Thank you for reaching out and Iā€™m sorry to hear you are going through this. Could you kindly use other chromium browser to see if the behavior persist on those browsers?

Be waiting for our response!

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Yes chrome browser gets the same result. Every time i open the reddit website i get the popup prompting to use the app. I must respond to this popup before i can proceed.
I should also say, regardless that im using only the brave browser, the two choices im given are 1) the app and 2) chrome.
Im assuming it is regarding brave as a chrome browser.

I cant explain it but suddenly i am no longer getting the offending popup when using brave (my default browser).
Chrome browser however does still get the popup every time signing into reddit webpage.
I havent made any changes

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