Need a feature to delete data older than D days

howabout having the browser auto delete Browser data AFTER a set number of days ??? rather than the useless feature of deleting data from the LAST D days ???

i want to for example have the browser auto delete links in the history of sites that havent been accessed in the last 30 days

I don’t know if this answers, contradicts, or in any way helps, but the Navigator can delete data on exit, and always has. I usually use the clear data on exit feature. Since I have Shortcuts of the pages I visit, plus I know the URL’s of the pages hehe.
Que te pasa

You can explain in a better way what you say, but from a concrete point of view.

you didnt read what i wrote

i dont want to delete whats been saved in the last 24 hrs or even 4 weeks, i want to delete anything that hasnt been used in the last 24 hrs or 4 weeks etc

for example, how do i get the browser to delete links that havent been visited in the last 2 weeks ?

Ohhh, I’m sorry, it’s just that understanding is lost when translating with a translator.