Necessity to create Brave Mail

Hey, in that moment, as brave became more and more popular, it’s almost necessity to create BraveMail. A fully functionable mail client for brave browser and not only.

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This is something they are considering for the future but it is unlikely to arrive any time soon. There’s a lot of overhead to it and the primary focus is trying to stabilize existing services and features. As I’m sure you’ve seen, Brave is making big changes to Search, Rewards, and the browser itself. We are soon to be seeing an AI Chat in the browser, have VPN, Brave Talk (which they are modifying to work with Web3), Playlist is building out to arrive on Desktop, etc.

They have a small crew working on all of this. Mail itself would be a very big undertaking. While they could always surprise us, I think we’re years away from seeing it happen.

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