Navigating on the YouTube site fails to update url bar

Description of the issue:

When I’m the YouTube website navigating to other videos the URL bar will fail to change. I can only trigger it to change when I do a refresh. This can get annoying when trying to share url because it will not be the correct link of the current page being shown.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to on iPadOS 15
  2. Navigate to a video
  3. Notice URL has not changed

Expected result:
I expect the URL to change as you navigate. This does NOT affect other websites that I tried. Only seems to affect YouTube website.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.3.4 (

Mobile Device details
iPad Air 2020 running iPadOS 15.3

Additional Information:
When opening a video link and watching it on YouTube, navigating to another video the URL will still be of the old video. So sharing the link will cause confusion since it is from another video and not the one the user intended to share.


If you have not already, try:

Enable the following 6 items at

Settings >> Brave Shields & Privacy >> Clear Private Data:

Browsing History
Cookies and Site Data
Playlist Offline Data
Playlist Media & Offline Data
Recent Search Data

and then click on “Clear Data Now” and then “Yes, Delete”

I have tried it and it did not help.



Have you tried, with “Private Browsing Only” mode always Enabled? (Implies, that History will not be available.)

May interest:

This Picture in Picture thing, might be involved:

Hey, yes if I do turn “private browsing only” on it does functions as expected!

Thank you!


Tx. Good to know.

So, the function of history retention - if/when somehow enabled - is a bug, for at least the YouTube, given your iPads’ setups.

BTW, for Brave version, you wrote “1.3.4” – and I am wondering if you meant version 1.34.1 ?


Yes. My bad. It is indeed 1.34.1

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