Native Vertical Tabs + Extensions


Brave must be about cutting-edge innovation to add followers. Your early adopters are obviously power users and Brave must attract them, so be ‘brave’ :sweat_smile: and don’t shy off from adding powerful features.

I propose vertical tabs.

Tree tabs in general are the future for landscape monitors, they optimize vertical space and organize content.
Vivaldi i.e. has native vertical tabs, but it can also support kroppy’s excellent “Tree Tabs” extension.

Brave could implement a native vertical tab feature and at the same time give extensions devs APIs powerful enough to implement something like Tree Tabs as an extension.

To implement a native feature we can study the best existing extensions: “Tree Style Tab” on FF by Piro, “Tree Tabs” on FF by kroppy and “Sidewise” on Chrome by Joel Thornton.

Tree Tabs example on Vivaldi:


@Jax it’s up for debate here


Tree Style is virtually an entrance of knowledge management.
The style itself is nothing. What you need is a personal knowledge assistant, memory management, sharing management, etc.

Here is a demo I’ve made for a proof.

A new browser window (a tabs group) for a new topic which links to a social media can be handled with limited tabs showing up and with more tabs in a tree structure as a back-end data. And you need several this kind of windows normally. I put them together because they share the same back-end tabs tree :slight_smile: