NAS blocked, Synology Cert invalid on Local IP address

Issuer: Synology Inc. CA
Expires on: Jan 17, 2024
Current date: Feb 3, 2023

Not sure why this is happening. Works in Edge ( [Continue to (unsafe))
but is blocked in Chrome and Brave

Just tested and no problems on my end. One thing I’d suggest you check is any extensions you might be running. In the past, this very particular issue often was caused by internet security extensions. But it could be blocked also from firewall, antivirus, or some other random extension.

While could have you test other things, would you mind starting with checking on that since it’s been the most frequent solution?

Hi Saolray
This is not about going to the Synology website but to my local NAS @ which is using a Synology cert built into the DSM

Oops, my bad. Brain didn’t pick up on it here first thing in the morning.

That said, could you still attempt what I mentioned about extensions and antivirus?

Also, does disabling Shields have any impact?

No problem its Friday :slight_smile:
I do not have any security extensions running. I did shut off the Brave shield from it but same error. I do not think my antivirus (webroot) is blocking it only on Brave and Chrome but not edge.

Tried just disabling the antivirus completely?

Non secure ip addresses will still generate error messages (I get an error when I login into my router) however should still get around it.

Correct there will always be the error but usually there is a link to ignore it


I did shutdown Antivirus and there is no change

What does Chrome show?

Same as Brave I do not mind using Edge for this connection but would be nice if it worked on all browsers as it did a few months ago

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