Nag Messages Driving me MAD!


I’ve just started trying Brave out a week ago and I was thinking it’s pretty good. Until… until I started getting so annoyed with these pop-up nag messages that come up on every single website!

“Will You Allow This Site to Know Your Location?” Yes/No (Remember for this site)
“Will You Allow This Site to Autoplay?” Yes/No (Remember for this site).

So, I keep checking “remember for this site” and it NEVER remembers! I have to answer it again and again every time I restart the browser! And it’s getting super annoying that no video will play on youtube until I check Yes.

I also realized that even if it did remember my choices, it will still be super annoying because I’m always going to new websites that I’ve never visited before. So all day long I’d have to be answering these stupid questions!

Why can’t they just have a default setting - “Always allow location?” Yes/No. “Always allow autoplay?” Yes/No!

Come on Brave. I really like your browser, but I can’t (and won’t) continue using it with this annoyance.


Thanks for reporting @JonYork :slight_smile:

Is this for desktop or mobile (Android or iOS)? For now, I’ll assumes it’s for desktop.

Just to make sure, are you enable this setting (see the one in orange box) in Preferences > Security?

If you enable it, you need to disable it. Because, when enabled, it’ll remove site permissions every time you close Brave.

To always allow autoplay, you can set it to Always allow in Preferences > Security > Autoplay Media.



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