Mystery - Chrome suddenly improved after I tried Brave

I like Brave: fast, clean, and without ad abuse. And it’s brave indeed, given all the greed it threatens.

One mystery may be worth looking into. When I learned about Brave last week, I was having MUCH trouble with Chrome (on a 3-year-old Macbook Air, using uBlock Origin, often on mainstream news sites). Ads with variable sizes would pop in and rewrite the text, often moving the place I was reading off the screen, then rewrite again for new ads as I tried to read. And the right-hand column often had a continuous flicker, as two different texts fought each other to write there (the workaround was to narrow the browser window until the right column didn’t show at all).

After using Brave a few days without those problems, and being delighted, I went back to Chrome in order to document the differences in detail. Surprise, Chrome now worked fine. There were ads, but they didn’t rewrite text to the point of getting in the way of the user. And the flicker was gone. I have been unable to reproduce the problems.

I hadn’t changed anything in the Chrome or Macbook settings. To my knowledge no updates occurred in those few days, and I was still using uBlock Origin with Chrome.

My only plausible guess: Chrome detected that I was using Brave and switched to its best behavior for me (and other Brave users). Have others experienced this? Does anyone have another explanation? To investigate, you may need to start with a computer and Google account that has experience with Chrome, but no contact with Brave or other potential replacements for Chrome.

sometimes the universe can surprise you