Mysterious Pop-Up Windows Opening

I’m using Brave (without ads enabled) on a Windows 7 PC. For the past few weeks, mysterious ad windows have been appearing in my taskbar hidden below the main open browser window. I can only see these windows by hovering my pointer over the Brave icon in the taskbar but can’t actually open the windows. After a while there may be a dozen or more of these obscured windows open.

I have both Bitdefender anti-virus and a virus scan doesn’t turn up any issues. Any suggestions?

Hi there – Windows 7 is not officially supported by Brave, I’m afraid, so issues like these are common. I’m not sure as to the exact cause of your issue, but it does likely have to do with the ad catalogue being backloaded as you browse. I would recommend updating to Windows 10 whenever possible. :slight_smile:

Hi, I use Windows 7 pro with BRAVE, no problem on my computer with ads and navigation.
Best regards.

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