Mysterious Brave Log In page won't go away

I don’t know how to describe this exactly but whenever I close the Brave browser there is what looks like a disconnected Brave Log In page behind the browser which I have to close separately. How do I fix this?

Thanks for reaching out. This appears to be a separate window that is getting launched either when Brave is launched or when you visit a specific website. I was able to search for and find a similar page here (observe the URL):

Do you recognize this website at all? If it is not being launched via a site you’re visiting, it may be due to an extension you have installed (if you have any).

Can you please verify either of the above?

Thanks for taking a look at this, Mattches.
Network Solutions is the host for my email and I was trying to solve an issue with them a week or so ago. That’s when I first noticed the mystery page. The only extensions I have are LastPass, MalwareBytes and Privacy Badger. I’ll try disabling them one at a time to see what happens.

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Please let me know what you find out after extensions are disabled.

Sadly there was no change so I had to reinstall Brave to get the mystery page to go away.

There are other things I would have liked to try before you had un/reinstalled but regardless I’m glad the issue was resolved.

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