My5 & Brave browser

I have just started using Brave browser as my default browser & am disappointed that Brave browser & My5 are not compatible (according to My5 support). Are there any plans to change this so that I can watch My5 on brave browser?

I see you mentioned that it’s according to their Support, but let’s ignore what they said for a moment. What is happening that you’re saying that it’s not compatible? Have you tried to watch any episodes or do anything? If so, what happens when you try?

I went to test it myself, but…

Everything on the page seemed to be working though. The only issue was I’m in the United States and thus they didn’t want to let me access content.

When I try to open My5 all I see is;

We are sorry but My5 is currently unavailable.

We should be back shortly. Thanks for your patience.

I have found the problem.
I only have 3 extensions, a password manager,Microsoft outlook(for my calendar) & Bitdefender anti tracker.It turns out that Bit defender anti tracker blocks My5(when I asked Bitdefender if it was their anti tracker causing the problem they said it was impossible for their anti tracker to block My5) I took them at their word.
I decided to try switching off my apps in sequence & found that Bit defender was the problem.My5 works perfectly now I have switched off anti tracker.

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Yeah, most customer service just speaks generically and has no idea what they are talking about. Big issue with extensions is they can cause a lot of errors even if not intended. This is because their “code” can interact or interfere with that of other extensions or the browser itself, even if unintentional. I’m guessing the default aspect of Brave Shields and the tracking in BitDefender just clashed with each other.

That said, I’ve been seeing a lot of places just straight up lying to consumers as well. Such as how My5 told you that Brave is not compatible. They said that because they aren’t familiar with Brave and saying it’s a problem is the “easy solution.”

You are right Saoiray. I think the guy I spoke with on line didn’t have a clue so thought he would go for the easiest option in his “advice”.
A little trial & error & I sorted it out, seems to be so obvious now that I should have thought about that from the start.

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