My youtube videos can't load

Suddenly I find that I can not watch my own videos on youtube. I can watch all other videos but not my own. I can see my own in all other browsers, but not in Brave. I will be very sorry if I have to give up Brave, so just give one last try in here to find an explanation :slight_smile:

Hello @Jarlskov

could you try to clear cache and see if it work

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Thanks. I tried that, but then i did it again because of your advice. This time i wiped it all. And it did work :slight_smile:


you very welcome and glad to know that it work now :slight_smile:

Now it’s getting a little weirder. It worked quite right, but when I then logged in again on youtube, exactly the same thing happens again. I can not watch my own videos, they will not load. I try in other browsers that it works perfectly … Any idea?

could you try to disable all extension and clear cache again and try it for while

if it work then the issue with one of your extension try to renable them one by one till you get the one that cause the issue (after you enable one of them keep using it for while to make sure it did not break again)

if that did not help then could you go to menu then choose create new profile and do not do anything on that new profile (no extension no setting change)but just use youtube and try it for while and see if it work fine

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi, just thought to reply since I was having the same issue. Extensions were not the problem, since it worked in incognito mode, I cleared all cache (all time), but not history and saved passwords etc. Now it works again.

Hello @holographicman

and thanks for sharing your experience but do you mean it fixed by itself or what you did to be fixed?

I’ll just reply here since my own brave android browser won’t let me. Yes, I just removed all my cache files and it now works. Thanks for helping me as well, thought I was alone


you very welcome and thanks for sharing that :slight_smile:

It works with a new profile. But I find it untenable that I have to create a new profile every time it breaks :slight_smile: Can you transfer your brave reward to a new profile?

Hello @Jarlskov

did you tried that and it did not work?

the new profile thing that to make sure your browser has no other setting or extension that could affect it

I did that. No effect - a lot of times :slight_smile: Seems that I have to find another browser. But thanks for your help. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Well! Now I had decided to find a new browser. But just before I uninstalled Brave, I just tried to clear the cache one more time… And now … it works. Also when I am logged in. I must have had my head under my arm, or gremlins are on the loose :slight_smile:
Thanks again! Happy man!

youtube doesnt show any videos if i search… what is wrong with brave, tons of people have this issue

Hello @theinvisibleman

just to make it clear i am just a user same as you

did you tried this

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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