My youtube channel is still not verified

Please verify my youtube channel my email is this in brave publisher

Did you see your channel listed here ? Also, did you check the status via desktop or mobile?

Yes i can see my channel in batgrowth
And i checked via mobile
But it is still not showing verified

Your Brave will check for the updated list once a week. That mean, your channel is verified, but your Brave have no updated publishers list, yet. That’s why it’s shown unverified on your end.

Now what should I do ?

Just wait. :point_up: It’ll updated by itself, @lastdrake77.

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A week is over still not showing

My channels are verified, but still appear as unverified to other users . No tips for me . I probably DM’ed the whole support team by now . No results

But it’s not updating from long time

Thank you you solved my problem
A last query
I’m getting this problem whenever i go for setting

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