My Windows Box Crashed - Can't Access Bookmarks on my Mac

My Windows PC crashed and I had to shift over to my Mac Book Pro until I get parts and can complete repairs… yet I don’t see my bookmarks in Brave on my Mac. It looks as though I am signed into Brave. I do not use an iPhone, but I did install Brave on my Android phone… but I don’t see where I can login to it to see if the bookmarks sync.

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Possibly a related issue, that you might want to look over - July 2019:

Mac - Bookmarks file size:

On the chance that you have used the default user profile aboard your Mac, then the Bookmarks file is probably located at:

/Users/user_shortname/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/Bookmarks

Without much info in that Bookmarks file, it would be around 4KB or less in size.

Back up your Bookmarks file.

Mac / Windows routines - in a Brave window, go to: brave://bookmarks/

Locate the Menu button — possibly near the Search (Magnifying Glass) icon

Click on that button, and select “Export bookmarks”

Android phone

In Brave for Android, somewhere around the periphery of the Brave window, find the 3-dot button and select it.

Choose Bookmarks.

Find the “< Back” button and keep tapping it until it disappears.

In the lower left-hand corner of the Bookmarks window, you should see a small rectangular icon with an upward pointed arrow symbol in it – select that.

A pop-up should appear, in which you may choose to “Export Bookmarks”

For all Internet browsers, users need to manually back up the Bookmarks file(s). IMHO

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