My wallet is empty

Just found my wallet empty without any transaction ?
Update doesn’t help . Yesterday it was present and now my usdt wallet shows 0

This is quite common at the end/start of the month. Usually it’s nothing to worry about. Sometimes you can get logged out of your custodial wallet (if you have one) which causes it to show zero. Logging back in usually fixes this.

Ok thanks I’ll have to wait than how long does it take usually to recove ?

If it’s the brave wallet usually a day or two. I’d give it a few days and it should be back in there. If it doesn’t come back you can open a ticket on here ( and the devs will sort it for you.

2 weeks ago I found my wallet empty without any transaction , i had still ETH on my account but also 2 days ago it was gone without transaction .

Waiting 6 days on support but no responds

@Alex27147 Just a FYI, I moved your second topic here, as it’s an unresolved and we’ll just try to get you help. Also, I added the category to Brave Wallet, whereas you had no category listed. Having no category makes it harder to get assistance.

That said, it looks like Danny responded to you as if your issue had to do with Rewards. Though seeing as you mentioned USDT in original topic and then ETH in more recent comment, it’s clear you’re talking about your Brave Wallet and not Rewards. So if you submitted a Support Ticket to the Rewards area as had been directed, it might be why you didn’t get any responses.

Let me ask a few questions.

  • Are you saying ETH was in your Wallet and was already a Visible Asset that you could see within Wallet?

  • It was just there and visible one day, but then gone the next?

  • Is this the same profile and device that you’re checking?

  • Which version of Brave are you using?

  • Are you saying both USDT and ETH are gone?

  • Which network is is your USDT on?

Yes on same divice . One day my usdt went to 0 iwithout one transaction , I had still small ETH in my wallet but 2 days ago also disappeared

@Alex27147 Ok. When you can, please answer all the questions I asked. Only then can I try to make sure to get the right people to try to help you.

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