My wallet has disappeared and another one has appeared

Did you enter the old recovery phrase correctly?

How do I find this recovery phrase? I can’t remember it

Didn’t you save / store the recover phrase somewhere?
There’s a notice that you need to store the recovery phrase just in case you have to recover to another device.

I have it somewhere but I also have a Twetch one too. How many words is it? Also… I have it attached to my uphold account so I can easily withdraw it…

The recovery phrase is basically your password to access your wallet. You should keep it somewhere safe. Anyone with access to it (including you) have access to your wallet.

If you do not find it, then you don’t have access to that wallet. You can say bye-bye to your wallet.

If somehow you have it connected to Uphold (as you mention), then withdraw your funds from there and create a new wallet. This time keep the recovery phrase safe.
I wonder, however, how you will be able to withdraw without having access to the wallet to allow the transaction.

Its 12 words I suppose. Also if its Brave wallet, I don’t think it can be connected to Uphold. i guess youre confusing Brave wallet and Brave rewards

A lot of people, specially they just started putting money into crypto don’t understand the important part of seed phrases / recovery phrases.


You said Brave Wallet, not Rewards. You don’t link Brave Wallet to Uphold. Wallet is a self-custody wallet whereas Uphold is a custodial wallet. You can think of it like Uphold is a bank that holds onto everything for you and Brave Wallet is like your wallet or a safe at home, which the bank has nothing to do with.

New email to what?

  • Rewards doesn’t sync or restore. It saves on your device. If you are unverified, then you lose everything. If it was linked to Uphold or Gemini and your country supported, then all your BAT would be stored on your Uphold account.

  • And Brave Wallet is primarily on your device but it is backed up on a server and is heavily encrypted. The only way you ever get to access this is via your Seed/Recovery Phrase that was given to you when you created it. If you lose your browser or something goes wrong and you don’t have it, then you lose access to your Wallet forever unless you have the Seed Phrase to use for recovery.

Again, Brave Wallet doesn’t get “attached” to your Uphold account.

All of that said, what are you talking about? Rewards? Wallet? Uphold?

I lost access to my wallet and I’m trying to avoid opening another because I have a months worth of BAT earnings in said wallet. I have a screenshot of what I believe to be the Recovery Phrase but it says it’s invalid after trying to write it down in a TextEdit exactly how it appears, but it may be for Twetch or something else. I think I remember writing it down somewhere in my notes, is there a way I can find out when exactly I opened/started the Brave wallet so I can look at that date where I think I have it written?

You say BAT earnings so I suppose you mean BRAVE REWARDS WALLET and not Brave Wallet . @batt has actually explained quite well.
I guess what you might be having is a Brave Rewards key.
They used to have it somehere around 2019 or something for manual Backup & Restore so that you don’t need to connect to Uphold / Gemini to just transfer BATs from other device to one. It hasn’t been there for quite some time now, so I reckon that the key must’ve expired or something.
Also, now there is no restore option in Brave rewards so there is no way to enter a recovery phrase in rewards part, only thing left is Wallet. So yes, you’re basically using a key for something totally else.
You’re using Brave Rewards backup key for Brave wallet.

Wow this is very confusing. Okay I now understand there is a Brave Rewards Wallet AND Brave Wallet. However, BOTH of them do not reflect what I have in my Uphold account. Originally, what was in my Rewards Wallet reflected what was in my Uphold account. Now my Rewards Wallet does not reflect this, ever since I updated/changed my email address for my Uphold account, and made a Brave Rewards Creator account. I haven’t uninstalled Brave so this is some type of system error. And if I remember correctly, the last time it just randomly popped back into place (I forget what I did).

You need to click on the Verify button in rewards.
As for Uphold not showing up in Brave wallet, it won’t. Uphold and Gemini are not at all related to Brave Wallet.

This is what I see, which isn’t accurate because I have been active this month and last month. This is not my original wallet. This is the wallet I had the last time this happened and eventually it fixed itself somehow and my original wallet came back (hence the earnings you see here–for the time it took until my original wallet returned)

This seems like an error of some kind TBH

Please for this error refer to

If you had been connected to it in early January, it’s highly likely that the rewards already are in your Uphold account. If connected to Uphold /Gemini, the payment doesn’t show up in rewards history. You’ll have to check by logging in to Uphold website /app

You’re unverified in your picture. Since you’re unverified, means you’re not connected to Uphold and won’t be able to see your existing Uphold balance. In order for you to see the Uphold balance from within your Rewards, you’ll need to click on Unverified and then connect to Uphold, assuming that you’ve verified with a supported country that’s listed at

You can check out PSA: Current FAQ - #17 by Saoiray where I talk about this error. It just seems like you have something that Uphold needs you to provide or do. It can be email verification, picture, to submit documents, etc.

These are only for Unverified users who have not received payments to Uphold or Gemini. If you had been connected in the past, which it appears may be based on what you’re saying, it’s why the statements are empty. Statements are just for vBAT, not for actual BAT.

@SmartyAadi @Saoiray

Well either way it seems I have two wallets–whether they are rewards or not IDK. The wallet that has disappeared is currently attached to my Uphold account and as a result–the random one currently in my browser can’t be attached to it. (Hopefully this paints the picture a little clearer!)

I tried the “SOLUTION to ERROR: Limited Uphold account functionality” but I am Canadian and it says the only bank currency it offers is USD, so I’m assuming you can’t attach a Canadian bank to it.

My next thought is… What if I just detach the lost wallet and attach the one currently in my browser? But then I’m concerned the previous one will just as randomly come back as it did before! Bah what is going on! I can’t be the only one who is experiencing this! :joy:

How does one simply disappear?
Did you reset/uninstall brave?

I suppose you can. It’s because people not from USA have done this and different currencies.
Anyway you should reach out to Uphold support for such

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