My wallet dont increase

Hello. If i have referal friend today. My wallet increase today. Or it increase August.8

@Otgoo can you provide more information about your question?


Screenshot_20190728-120911_Brave Screenshot_20190728-120858_Brave its why differend?

Because it’s two different wallets and not related to each others, @Otgoo.

The first screenshot is your in-browser wallet (the one under chrome://rewards) while the second screenshot is your publisher account.

Let me know if it’s still unclear.

@eljuno, tell me for the last three confirmed referrals do not accrue rewards. That is, there were 21 referrals, there were 285 coins. There are 24 confirmed referrals - and coins as well. And this is not the first time - last month they also missed the reward for 3 referrals and forgot it, but it is not clear to anyone who writes about it

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