My Uphold account is not "connected" to my Brave browser?


Ok, So I have added 50euro to my uphold account . But I do not see them in my Brave Bowser settings it says account balance 0. What do I need to do so that I can use them to contribute to publishers?

What can I do? how is my Uphold account “connected” to my Brave Browser? Do I have to convert to BAT first or whats going on?


Hi @claesbas

Before you fund your wallet, please back up your wallet so that in case anything happens (computer crash, loss, theft, etc), you will be able to get your Brave wallet back. You do this by going to the Payments page (about:preferences#payments) and clicking on the gear icon to open Advanced Settings. In there, you will see an option to ‘Backup your wallet’. Click on this button and follow the instructions from there.

After you have done this, you may want to check out a blog post written by a teammate on Funding your Brave Wallet:



Thanks Now I understand.

I had deposit EURO into my EUR Card - I then did a transfer from this card to the BAT Card (had to add that to my favorite cards by clicking the star). Then I transferred from the BAT Card to the crupto address in the Brave BRowser.

STill have not retrivedthe BATs so I can see them. But I suppose it takes some time.

Thanks - hope this might clear up for some others too.

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