My uphold account has been permanently removed?

Hello, 2 months ago my uphold account was suspended. He was suspended for 2 months without mentioning the reason. They said they were interested when I opened my ticket last week. They later said I had 2 accounts and had to remove one. I did what the uphold officials said, I told them the account I wanted to remove, and I stated that I did not use it. Later, they said that both of my accounts were completely deleted and that they would not be able to open my uphold account again. You are working with a really tremendous institution, it is the worst institution and application I have ever seen in my life. They are waiting for 2 months and saying that one of my accounts will be deleted and I do what they say, and all my accounts are deleted, even though there is $ 40 in it. There are better quality wallet addresses in the market, I recommend you to agree with them, such poor quality and at least they will not return to the user after 2 months. After that, do not doubt that I will be able to shame what can do. It was a bit of a long article, I apologize for that, but my hand and foot are shaking really.

When they said I had 2 accounts and told me to remove one, I made such a return, but 2 accounts were permanently removed (:

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