My Uphold account don't connect with the Brave

I can’t connect my Uphold with my Brave, when I contact the Uphold support they say that problem is the Brave. What a disconnect any account to connect in my smartphone? I really need help :tired_face:

Same issue on mobile, on my computer it works well but on mobile I can not reauthorize brave and my wallet is not linked. Could you check the issue and update it before end of month (rewards…)

Now I try to change my password, password change OK, but I was disconnect on desktop too, and when I try to connect it again it tell me that my account is “Error: Brave Rewards profile is reported” (traduction from FR to ENG). Why this? could you help me to remove this issue? Thanks

Hi i have the same problem with my brave account (Error: Brave Rewards profile is reported) in french account too. Any place for speak with support ?
Thanks for the help !

ps any french support too ? :S

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