My tor browser is stuck at 10%

Hey guys. so for some reason, after using the tor browser for a week or two now, suddenly I cannot connect to tor anymore. It just gets stuck at 10%, and then fails to connect. I tried toggling tor browsing in the settings but it was to no avail.

Hello @Seifelsayegh, thank you for reaching us out. In case is frozen on the connection bar. To resolve this you can try making some changes on the proxy setting on your PC:


Normally it is ON so try to turn it OFF. Then try to use Tor again and should work normally again. In case it does not immediately, close the browser and everything you have open and restart your machine. hope it helps. Regards.

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Hey @Jarc-1107, So I just did what you said, and it still doesn’t work. It tries to connect, and then fails.
I would like to note that where I am I can’t open the regular tor browser at Just in case that is an issue, since I saw that question in other threads.
But with brave it worked just fine a few days ago.

Hello again @Seifelsayegh, apologies for the delay! Is this still an issue for you?