My Token is faded help

Hello my problem is… this day i have open brave and i look the token windows .
and i see …700 token is faded from my token windows .
now i have just 0,050 token …
what the h*ll is this ???

help i dont know why i should do now

and i have put 6 advertising all hours but i have just 10 advertising at mounth …is normal ?

do you mean you had 700 bat ?!
are you publisher/creator or it come only from ads

the 700 bat come from ads . and im not a creator/publisher

thanks for clearifiy but could i ask you another one
those 700 are from the claimed bat not the estimate am i right?

if yes then please mention steeven to help you with that

yes that 700 bat was the estimate

and mention steeven ? is a moderator of forum ?

sorry but how come you get 700 bat while you only get 10 ads per month

just to clear things out

on left side is the estimated and on the right is the claimed one

and another question do you have uphold account

he is one of the brave team

yes i have a uphold account .

and i dont know because i have 10 ads at mounth …when my brave arrives 10 ads it stop send me ads . i have on my option 5 ads at hour but it never send me 5 ads in one hour … ( the 500 bat i was the last mounth(august-september) not this mounth )

you mean those 500 :point_up_2: are those in the picture you send :point_down:

Screenshot from 2020-10-04 19-33-29

i mean this 500 bat was the last mounth(august-september ) not bat this mounth …
the 700 bat i have lose( was faded this day ) was the bat of this mounth ( september-october )

i got that

first those in picture are 0.500 bat not 500 bat so the missing 700 bat you talking about are actuly 0.700 bat

i was just making sure that we talking about same number here

now let me ask @steeven for help here

hey @steeven @whit estimated bat droped from 0.700 bat to 0.050

please notice it’s still weekend so maybe you get your response tomorow or later depend on your position on the queue

and have a nice day both of you

sorry inattention yes is 0,700 :sweat_smile:

it’s ok do not be sorry i do worse than that :joy:

okayyyyy sorry if i reply now i was go eating :grin:

do not be sorry and bon appetite :slight_smile:

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thanks you very much justsomeone1 :grin:

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you very welcome :slight_smile:

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