My tips was not added to my publisher wallet

My one-time tips given by my friends was not added to my publisher wallet? What’s the problem, sir ? Please fix it sir ASAP. Give me my money. My id is fun572 and fun372

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Hi @Saifulpga - thanks for writing in. What device / OS and Brave version are you and your friends using? Have you been able to successfully receive tips in the past? Thanks in advance for the additional info.

Hi @steeven
Both of us are using android os. And We are using latest version of Brave available in play store. Because today we updated it before the operation done. Oh, today I got my contribution last time for twice. After that I did not receive my contribution from 3 of my friends

Please give me a solution

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Same problem here. … am also unable to get tip on my brave wallet.

Hi @Saifulpga,

To make sure I’m understanding correctly, you have now received your BAT from confirmations, but have not received your BAT from tips? If that’s the case, can you send me a screen shot of your friends transaction history? I can take a closer look from there. Thank you in advance!!

Yes sir , exactly you are right . I received a few portion of my friends’s tips. And Even I didn’t receive any single BAT from some of them. As a proof I am giving you a screenshot of my friend’s wallet from whom I didn’t receive any single BAT.

The url of my channel is


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