My tips gone missing

In Decemer 2020 or January 2021, I’ve tried to send tips to my dear friend. I was going to format my PC and I decided to contribute all the BAT I have. I nearly sent 22.5 BAT and he said the BAT is on pending. Then I reset my PC and asked him. But he said the BAT is missing and he said that he cannot find any clues of it. I really trust my friend. So he wouldn’t lie to me. I want to know the fate of the sent BAT.

If you reset your PC while the BAT was still pending, unfortunately it was wiped out and lost by the reset before verification could be completed.

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My bat is missing and ads shown but rewarding stop

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Hey @Venillia ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

Do you happen to have the gmail associated with your friends Creators account? If so DM it to me.

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Also, was your wallet connected to Uphold? If you are on Android, you had enough to verify, and if you are on desktop, you could have verified with Uphold with no minimum BAT requirement.


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