My theories on Brave Ads

So I woke up this morning with 13 ads on my mobile device. 13 ads in less than 12 hours which has been recently unheard of and a rarity for me. So I’m gonna dive in and list some theories that I have about the ads.

Please note this is not true and these are just my theories I have come up with and assumed from using Brave since November 2020. I am also not mad or trying to start a rage war here. It is just a theory and I would love people to nicely debunk these myths. I also understand there is a lot more on the table here than my silly theory. Hence probabilities and the 5 ads is a ceiling rather than a floor FAQ from Brave.

When beginning using Brave, I was super curious, often times bummed out and combed thru random threads on Duckduckgo searching, reddit and probably this fine specimen of a forum site- Brave Comms. (Thats my pet name for it, Brave Comms). So below and I will point it out when I use someone else’ theory, some things I have read - or maybe misinterpreted information on it.

  1. Ads displayed on weekends are slim to none. It seems that every weekend, Saturday and Sunday I receive almost no ads on mobile and up to a usual max of 6 on desktop. This is a great day, usually it ranges from 1-4. And if I am lucky, I will get 10. That is like winning a mini lottery right there. 10 ads…
    So why less ads on the weekends? Well maybe it is due to a lot more traffic on the weekends, hence, most people like myself are not working. I thought I came across information before that stated, we all sort of share the ads. So it is not possible for everyone to get the same ads and if more people use, the lower the chances.

  2. You can max out the ad type - or specific ad campaign you see. So let me use RoundlyX for example. Let us use a random number like 50. Let’s say I can see an ad over the course of a lifetime for RoundlyX. Then that means after I am maxxed out, I will never see it again. Or at least for that specific campaign, it might not mean I will never see Roundly again, but until they push a new campaign, I wont see that original one again.

  3. Running multiple devices of Brave at once is crippling. As I write this, mobile just received 2 more ads, and this computer has been on for an hour. No ads. So I believe running more than one Brave at once - well only applies if you’re wallet verified and on the same account - will bog down and confuse Brave as to , well which device are you on? Makes sense really, I mean how unfair would that be if we ran 4 Braves all at once reaping in the max daily of 21( might be an outdated number). That would mean a potential of 84 ads in one day. How is that fair to the person out there running only 1 Brave.

  4. Ads region. I used to leave it auto detected (California). Then I switched it to disabled level of targeting. Then switched it back to auto detect after being convinced , I crippled myself from seeing ads the rest of the day. Well now I am back on the disabled boat, because yes once again I freaked out on a Thursday when I received 0 ads mobile even with the computer shut off, and 2 ads all day long on desktop later that night. Later that night after using the desktop for a solid 6 hours straight and no ads. This goes back to my earlier theory- but actually someone else’ on maxxing out ad campaigns or ads you see. I started to wonder, well maybe the reason I receive a lot of crypto finance ads are because I live in CA. CA for those who do not know, is kinda tecchie. We have the silicon valley with all the big names out there. So that got me to thinking, if i used disabled targeting ads, can I receive more ads that are not only limited to myself being in CA? Idk, ever since I did it a day ago, all the sudden I felt I saw a few more ads, and suddenly a new ad from a laundry company… Laundry. Great, good ad, I actually ordered the sample pack too! See, ads do pay off!!

  5. Clicking on your ads can actually help remind Brave oh hey I am here and still interested and love you! I know Brave says you do not need to click them and only click on ones you are interested in, but hey ever since I clicked on on my mobile, all the sudden I am exploding with more ads, on a weekend as I stated above. I just received another ad as I continue to write this. Womplay. I do not know about a crypto gaming platform of 500k players… Hard pass… Wait. Gaming crypto platform. …??? WHAT? -Click-

  6. This is an uphold one and maybe not related to this but I thought of it and wanted to share. So far Uphold / Brave has never sent me rewards successfully for 4 devices in a payout month. So since, I have given up on the other 2 devices and never turn on Brave again for the fear they will send me 0.25 Bat and I have to wait another month for next payout to get my higher payout on my primary device. So I keep my devices limited only to mobile and desktop because I never had problems receiving ads on 2 devices in a month - but yes I always get the delayed payout days after the 5th, and oh no. The 5th is slowly approaching us again. That is one heckish week of stress and forum searching for answers…

  7. This one will just be about facts I know about and if I remember a new theory I have- cause I believe I have more but after writing this essay, seriously 2 pages on Libreoffice. I feel like i am writing a term paper again, I will post any new theories later on. Now on to the facts:

7.b I know how 5 ads a day works- its a ceiling rather than a floor meaning I am not guaranteed 5 ads at all. I can receive 0 and will receive 0 often times.
-Uphold only allows 4 device time limit. Why uphold. Doshite… You are Ex Neuron commander Joseph.
-21 ad day max limit - although this is probably out of date now, because there was a day or 2 back in Jan-Feb of my prime time where I got 31 ads. Great day. Never seen again.

— These are my theories and are probably not correct. But I felt like writing it because why not. All the sudden I am exploding with ads on a weekend on mobile. Mobile is my worse bet at receiving ads. So hey. If it is working. Maybe I will keep doing it. And hey if you are in a similar boat, maybe you can try it out and see if it works for you. Write back if you notice any results. The occult club would be very interested in your ghostly findings. But please, let me know where you see the ghost and I will check it out.

Maybe everyone knows, but I see new tab ads have two caps: 4 per hour and 20 per 24 hours (among days).
So if you got 4 at 4 pm, 4 at 5 pm, 4 at 6 pm, 4 at 7 pm and 4 at 8 pm today, you won’t get anything until tomorrow at 4 pm.

I’m sure most “normal” users do not know this :joy:

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