My system was crashed

Hey there I am using brave in PC and Android and both are connected to Uphold account and verified but suddenly my system has crashed and not working does it means I have 2 devices connected to Uphold now if I don’t use my pc brave browser for long period of time or else I will be counted as 1 device my android mobile

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So u have 2 lifeline gone out of 4. And that is not absolutely your fault. They are making a rule. Cant unlink destroyed account and all your chance will be gone one by one. You cant do nothing.

@antarabiswas so if that system gets crashed it doesn’t gets my fault right if brave stores the data of each and every device it would be better basically if brave can send the back up data so that when the system gets repaired and when i can use it again it would be great. so if that same system is restored can i get that wallet back

But how do the system know that what was your wallet

@antarabiswas yes you are right that system doesn’t know about my brave wallet i was think if they could solve this problem like how many wallets and how can her use this kind of rules and thanks for your reply

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