My sync code isn't working!

I remember using that code for 2 years and it did sync the data to everything now after installing windows 10 I’ve used it and it’s not working.

@moisymoos If you’re trying to use a sync code from 2 years ago, it won’t work. Sync code changes daily and is not intended to be used as a backup. It’s just meant to get 2 or more devices to be able to communicate with each other and share data.

I released a small updated FAQ lately If you want to check out the sync section, which I’ll list the three links below, it should help with whichever issues you’re having.

even the qr I just generated today isn’t working!

@moisymoos Are you getting a specific error or what is happening? I mean, is it that they aren’t connecting or are you just saying that they are on the same sync chain and the information isn’t syncing?

what i got is the qr code is expired

@moisymoos Is the one you’re using to generate the code using the most recent version of Brave?

I think it wasn’t the most recent

Ok. If you can make sure both are using the most updated version, that can be reason it fails. Do advise if if using most recent and if successful or not once able to get them to using the more recent version.

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