My sync code has expired and i don't have access to the original account

I lost my sync, i had a sync code with 25 words saved on a note, it was generated august 2022, i had to format my pc yesterday when i tried to sync today i found out it was expired and i don’t have access to my old brave account, can i restore my favorites they had really important passwords :

Brave Version: v 1.51.118

Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question: Computer windows 10

Additional Information: i already used this sync code in august 2022 when i formated my pc and it worked

You can add the word ‘cook’ instead of the 25th word you have currently. The 25th word changes each day to add better security.
You can always track the latest 25th word for each day at

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@Braklez please read Sync is not a backup