My statement shows that I have earned significant amount of brave, but in my uphold wallet none has been credited, is there any problem in general?

I have posted 2 screenshots, one is my statement and second in my uphold wallet statement

I am never being paid, why?

Can you DM me the email that is associated with your Creator’s account so that I can take a look on the backend?

@Mattches also Brave Reward Statement History

I am having this same problem

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Hi, I got same Issue.
I have send you a message.

thanks you

Hello everyone, we’ve deployed a fix for this issue. Please try logging in again and viewing your statements.

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i guess those are our hidden bat earned (supposed to be ours) and the Brave will keep them for their self. unfortunately the brave got an error and show all of that. i think that are not bugs because it got our Info of our statment. i will believe it if everyone got that bug with the exact and same value with other brave user. but no their all difference. anyway nice one Brave.

I don’t understand “Referrals Breakdown” mean?

Now my statements are gone

Thanks @cory for your info, How’s about other people who have not received payments yet?
I even have no statement for May.

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