My sites are showing as unverified

Two of my sites are showing as unverified. I do have a Gemini connected wallet on the account, and this was working previously. Can someone help?

Sites are:

There is a known issue with Gemini-connected Creators accounts right now and channels not appearing as verified. The Creators Team is actively working on a fix for this.

Other than that, you can double check if there are any notices in your dashboard about regional support. But if your Gemini account is from the US, then there should be no issue regarding regional support.

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Um, I’m with Uphold and my website, twitter account and YT accounts are all coming up unverified too, for quite some time now. No tips :frowning:

If you are in a supported region, try to disconnect and reconnect. Wait few hours and check if your sites have become verified. You need to press the refresh wheel to reload the status.

I am in a supported region. I also already tried disconnected the sites and re-adding them and have waited and refreshed the site. Same issue. Still shows unverified. :frowning:

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@PopRevolt Submit a Creator’s Support Ticket

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