My search engine won't let me highlight and delete to look up another website. The highlight to delete option doesn't even happen. I have updated to the latest version as well and restarted+force quit the application

Description of the issue:
search engine won’t let me highlight and delete the original url that was typed to look up another website. I can only enter and search for something new in a new tab, not the same tab I am currently on. The highlight to delete option doesn’t even appear. I have updated to the latest version as well and restarted+force quit the application. User is on macOS Mojave 10.14.6

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Unable to select and delete url from search engine to search something new. User has to open new tab each time she wants to search something else.

Expected result:
Be able to highlight and use same tab for multiple searches instead of opening a new tab each time I need to look up something/go to a new website

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

As far as I can see, anytime I click the address bar (aka “omnibar”) the whole text is selected and I can type whatever I like there, including other search terms or another url. macOS here too.
Besides, search results pages include a text box with the search terms usually.
It is not clear which of the two you are referring to, nor what search engine.

Anyway, I advise to edit your post a little so it’s more clear.
Include details in the text, not the title, as per the template.
Which search engine? Which OS version? I assume “latest version” is 1.28.105, is that correct?
All this is necessary to try understand what causes a problem.
And… “Delete the any text above the line separator below before posting

Apologies, first time using this board to reach out for help. I tried including all the info I had from my user facing this issue, I also have a screen recording of the issue but was unable to add it to this

No problem, just describe your issue so that it’s possible to provide help.

Any solution to this anyone has found? I have been trying to find a customer support phone number or chat but no luck.

Anyone able to help here? I need to find a way to contact brave besides this platform as it has not helped so far and our issues still persist.

I’m not entirely clear on the issue you’re describing.
Are you saying that if you run a search directly in the address bar (for example, open Brave, open a new tab, enter the address bar and search for “Hello, world!”), after the search completes, you are unable to select the text that is in the address bar?

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