My screen is flickering black periodically

I think it crashed my laptop awhile ago.

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I can see that while I have 3 tabs open, the Task Manager shows that its using 37-40% of Memory.

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@Radon could you please provide me with the crash ID from the report in order to further investigate?

I can’t seem to retrieve it. It says nothing is there.

When I redownloaded chrome, and applied hardware acceleration, the screen flickers wasnt on that browser. Chrome feels eerily and slightly slower than the Brave Browser though when im playing my browser game. Perhaps when im surfing the web too. But there’s gotta be something that seems to be going on which results in the screen flickering.

If Google Chrome’s hardware acceleration isnt causing screen flickering but the Brave Browser is, then it can’t be that. It looks to be something else.
(The chrome browser also had all of my extensions as well when I was using it at the time).

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Hi again, could you please try installing the Beta or Nightly version of Brave to see if the issue persist on those versions?

Be waiting for your response.

So for awhile, I have been using the Beta version, and the screen flickering still persists. I feel like when I tried to shrink the window at one point, it started to do so.

I had a similar issue on this post, as when I turned on Open GL, something far worse happened to my screen and there was massive tears everywhere.

Unfortunately though, the advice didn’t work out for me and I resorted to doing a factory reset on my Laptop. However, the issues still persisted.

An example of the Open GL thing being enabled in the Flags section would be this. Screen tearing as the video is playing. And screen tearing on websites. (using this link to show it because there isnt enough space to post it despite it being like 11 seconds.) (same with this)

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have you tried uninstalling graphics card driver using iobit uninstaller and clean installing the driver again ?

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I’ll give that a shot. I did update it before, but I can try reinstalling it.

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make sure you also perform restart before testing the browser again. Restarting will fix many issues and it’s good.

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@Radon let us know if reinstalling helped you resolve the issue you are experiencing.

Sorry about that, while I was using the browser I was still dealing with the same flickering. Though at the same time, the browser wouldnt end up crashing which would result in a report being made. So im just lost…

And regardless of any restarts being made, it still didn’t work out.


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Does the issue persist if you change the theme to Light ? To check that go to brave://settings/appearance > Brave colors > Light. Also if you have any themes installed on your device please uninstall them to see if the issue solves.

Also try testing by creating new profile


I already did that several times.


I don’t have any themes installed. I do use a wallpaper in the new tab section but I don’t think that would be the cause at all…

I of course use Dark mode, but I dont think swapping into Light mode would be any different. I also want to add on that awhile ago, it started blinking several times and it hurt my eye.

(Side note, I was deleting my comments because each time I pressed reply, and then tag someone, it would turn my comment into a standalone one until I did it again. Ill just tag on standalone comments)

Awhile ago, I turned on Open GL with Vulkan, and I dont see any screen flickering, however i’ve noticed another slightly disturbing thing.

The tabs when I drag my mouse cursor over it is showing a Black outline around the shown tab descriptions. The same goes for when I click on profiles. Here’s what I mean:


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To update again:
I’ve noticed that there is screen tearing upon having on both OpenGL and Vulkan option in Flags on.

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@Radon do you have the card with preview option enabled on your settings? To check this go to brave://settings/appearance > Tab hover mode > Tooltip, to see if the issue persist.


@Kevin_cc So i’ve noticed that nothing has really changed. I had done a factory reset on my laptop, which has also not worked.

From what I could probably tell, I think it has become less frequent. I’m not all that sure yet.

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@Kevin_cc Alright I feel like im starting to notice the potential source of things. When I watched a twitter video for example, upon playing it, only that was flickering, but everything else wasn’t. I couldn’t replicate it doing it again for some reason, but upon full screening it, that is when it happened again.

I moved my mouse and it started blinking if you’ve noticed.
When it came to Youtube, at times, scrolling would cause the flickering.

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Could you please try uninstalling your mouse drivers and installing them again or use a different mouse to see if the screen flickers when scrolling down?