My rewards have been reset to zero. on Brave

I would like to report to everyone that I have a brave account to receive monetization a few years ago.
so i noticed that for many years now i’ve been using the browser in order to make sure that i would receive monetization.
however I have noticed that I have not received monetization for five ads received per hour, since it is properly configured in the browser.
I downloaded the browser on a Smartphone, installed and configured it properly as it should be done with the uphold account, also installed and configured it on a Linux installation which I have been monitoring for a long time and had not identified that I also did not receive the monetization with the proper configuration. in the browser.
I noticed this week that the browser has been showing a lot of ads, but I’m not getting the rewards that I should receive according to the correct q development community promises.
And right after making these types of comments on the twitter profile and on the google app store, the BAT`s that I had as a reward on the brave browser were simply reset.!
I have a screenshotcren of the browser screen in a GNU / LINUX UBUNTU 20.04 instance.

Note: This same problem occurred in the three devices that I have, a station with windows 10 with the latest update made available by MS, with the station with linux where there were many rewards and in the Smarphone with Android 10.


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