My rewards for January are not growing and the ones for December disapeared. :(

Is there any customer service or anyone, who would sort it out?

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Same thing happened with me. Not sure about the decrease in the rewards but i think your december rewards payout should be in processing & you’ll get them in your wallet in a week. Check it will be mentioned in your ballance tab.

Nothing is mentioned anywhere about the payout…

This is how it’s showing in mine.

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@LeoNix is correct @Laurast .
Your December earning is being processed. Payment will start at 8th of each month.

You should see the similar message like the one from Leo.


I have the same question, my rewards have stopped growing since December until now. And I have not found a support service where to solve this problem. I think my account has been flagged as fraudulent :frowning_face:

It increased a bit on 1st of Jan, but since then stays at this despite me using browser a lot in recent days.

I use the browser every day, but I haven’t received anything since December, although I continue to see ads on the main page. I can’t save my BAT because there aren’t many of them. How can I and other people solve the problem?

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