My rewards do not match with ads delivered

Dear All,
sorry to bother you with a very tiny issue as we are not speaking of any significant money, but my Brave browser is not delivering rewards as expected. As you see, I got 8 notis, but I have been credited only 0.4 BAT. It happened the same last month.

In addition, there are no rewards for the ads embedded in the pictures. One of the developers told me via Twitter that those ads are rewarded less, not shown in the balance, but anyway rewarded. I didn’t receive anything for them as wellBrave

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This issue repeated with me in all my brave browser…please help

And the issue is?

It’s not included in daily estimation. But will be paid once a month every 5th. When the ads earning payout.

Isn’t the reward 0.1 BAT per ad?

I know they are not shown, but the previous month I didn’t receive any reward for the ads not coming from notis.

@Senzacervello - if you open you will see diffent rewards categories available :

So, it means I got ads of the lowest tier only. Ok, fine.

But the others? I’ve been told they reward 30% less than the ones pushed by notis, but nothing has been paid to me from that source. Mainly a curiosity, though, as I live in a low tier country so there is nothing special to expect from this activity

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