My Rewards balance is incorrect

Hi, my balance doesn’t reflect the correct amount of BAT I should have. I know this because since I don’t get much adds is easy to keep track of it. I should have 1.6 BAT but my balance reflects 1.1 BAT. I have noticed Lenovo ads don’t reward me and also the Proton VPN ones, which is weird because they use to work before. My country is Spain. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Can you share a screenshots for this? :point_up:

Like this?? is the only thing I can show you as I don’t know of any way to prove the exact number of ads I have received so far. Since I posted the original message on this thread, I got another lenovo ad and an etoro ad which haven’t been reflected in my balance yet.

I forgot to mention, I have disabled contributions. Thanks.

And this one? :point_up:

1.1 is an estimation of your earning from previous month + this month (until today). It should show the same amount with the one shown on your brave:rewards > Ads section.

Because it’s an estimation, it’s not yet added to your Rewards balance – BAT triangle icon at URL bar or brave:rewards balance section (the one in the right side).

Yes, I understand this. But my reason for writing is because some of the ads, like the ones I listed are not adding up to my balance. The balance with which I started the month plus the ads I have clicked on should amount to 1.8 BAT (the original 1.6 plus the two ads I got right after I posted the first message).

Most of the rewards missing come from the Lenovo ad, which is the newest I have received, and a couple from Proton and amazon ads that used to work before.

Previously, every time I clicked on an ad the balance updated shortly after. Now it took longer and in the case of Lenovo, and now apparently Proton VPN and amazon wont reflect.

All I want to know is if is there a way I can check the number of ads I’m getting so I can prove this and if my balance will be updated at some point. Since we’re talking of a few cents I’m not going to make a scene if they never show up, but it would be great if you guys take this issue into consideration and maybe add at some point some way for users to keep track of the ads received, since I’m not the first person to report discrepancies with the rewards balance.

I think this will also make everyone’s lives easier in case of a dispute.

Never mind, I found that what I propose exists. It would be great though if it could be upgraded in a way that users could inspect the ads received just in case something’s wrong, like in my case with the ads I clicked but that are not showing. Not having a way to prove my claim is somewhat discouraging.

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