My rewards are pending from last 6-7 months -

My brave rewards are pending from last 7 months last withdraw date was 17/10/2020 and my 7.42 bat are still in the publisher account every month i wait for them to arrive in my wallet but nothing happens i want my coins to be credited in my uphold wallet which is verified
email -

Did you write to brave support team regarding this

They are not helping

I’m having same issues

waiting for them to reply

What is exactly the proper way to contact support? Is there an email “” that creates tickets? I could not find any way to contact support when I had a similar problem. I went to the message board and found someone who was answering questions. He gave me some instructions that I had a question on. Since I emailed him the question, I have not heard back in over a week.

This is why I have disabled ads on Brave. I want advertising to be decentralized, but there is no clear way to get support that I have found. The BAT I have listed in my Settings has not been transferred to Uphold in over 4 months. It’s broken. There should be some kind of error handling when a transaction doesn’t work. That is programming 101.


When will i receive any update or message on this issue by the brave team?

My friend told me to wait 1 week after 6 Jun but I’m still not getting my rewards.

I think this should be the right place, because it is the first result on Goggle. I don’t know if we should be patient or is there a way we can call Brave to come and send us our missing rewards?

@nayanpac Please repost your question in the Creators category. This category is for user rewards issues, and people here don’t have the knowledge to help with creator issues. Be sure to provide all of the troubleshooting information in the template that appears automatically when you start a new thread.

@Vinsly009 @renek Please start your own threads instead of commenting on other people’s unrelated threads. Your issue is most likely different from the OP’s. Be sure to provide all of the troubleshooting information in the template that appears automatically when you start a new thread.

@kimbriggsdotcom There are only a handful of Brave staff, and thousands upon thousands of users requesting help. Most of those users don’t even bother to provide the requested basic troubleshooting information, so it takes much longer for the staff to help each person. Please be patient.

That is a collection of facts and not an answer to the question. Is there no official support email? Do you just have to search in the forum for someone who is answering questions. It is all so amateur and random, regardless of how backlogged you are. For me, the solution is just to turn off the ad feature completely until it is working.

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Support is provided via the community forums, by posting a thread in the appropriate category and providing the requested trouble-shooting information. There is no “support email”, although sometimes a Brave staff member will ask you to DM them some Brave account information so that they can handle your issue directly.

The questions and complaints (and sometimes outright whining) about the Rewards program are vastly disproportionate to the issues relating to the functioning of the browser itself, but the devs are rightly focusing the majority of their efforts and support staff on browser issues. Brave Rewards should be considered a nice-to-have extra, not an essential function of the browser.

The system is made more inefficient by the fact that the trouble-shooting information is requested but not required, and other people are allowed to “pile on” with their “me too” comments when their issue may not be remotely related to the OP’s issue. I agree that it’s not ideal, but it is what it is.

@nayanpac please DM the email linked to your account. Thank you!


Well i should got it last month but didn’t recive yet(on mobile I see pending and on pc I don’t even see a pending) hope next 6th I’ll get em cuz don’t want to wait half of a year like You tbh

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The admins are not even helping

@nayanpac please send your email in a DM. Thank you.