My rewards are not working

so when i installed brave i got BAT for my first ad but now i have seen like 20 ads but i dont get rewards

Brave is up to date

Version 1.32.113 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (64-bit)
this is my version i use windows 11 but i also had this problem when still in windows 10

my wallet is not verified

i didnt recive any payments cuz im new to brave

im not using a vpn

i am in the netherlands

Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?
^i have no idea

i did turn off auto contribute for a while after that i re-activated it cuz i dont know what is does

i hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome
Not sure I can help with all your problems but auto contribute is where you donate your BAT to advertisers so if you are looking to receive the BAT yourself you should switch that off quickly!!

The safety net check looks like its not relevant as you are talking about Windows 11 so not Android and therefore not relevant for you.

Verifying your wallet shouldn’t impact your earnings.

Do bear in mind that there is no guarantee of pop-ups or sponsored images. There are maximums but no guaranteed minimums and will be based (as I understanding it) partly on your browsing activity and also where you are located as these both impact the advertisers that are appropriate.

Not sure I picked up on all you mentioned but hope there is something there to help, feel free to ask more and I know there are people way better to advise but hope this gets you on a better track
Welcome once again. :smiley:

Hey thanks for reacting so fast, i turned auto contribute off but i still dont get BAT while watching sponsored backgrounds

You aren’t the only one to be having some fun figuring out the sponsored ads! Here is a link to a longer conversation in the community on the subject .
edit : actually I notice it has now been updated as having a solution so there is your answer.

I also don’t know how switching auto-contribute off and on will impact the difference between your estimated and actual earnings. The good news though is that the reset for earnings is at the end of the month. So you are now set for December and let’s hope things work out.

Keep an eye on the forum and indeed on that linked thread as if this continues to be an odd experience answers might show up there in due course, or you will at least know you aren’t on your own!

Welcome once again, I’m offline now so any slow response is not personal! Equally you may find others shed better light on this subject and will check back in tomorrow for sure.

Good luck :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I don’t see any solution there :grin: and I don’t know who marked it as a solution. I have auto-contribute off and it doesn’t help for this :grin:

I am having the same issue. Except I didn’t even get BAT from my first ad. I have seen many ads and I have 0 BAT and it is showing that I have received 0 ads this month when that is not true.

Hi zmij, yeah as I was leaving I noticed it was marked as solved and updated my comment without looked at the solution (confession!). Having looked at it now, I am not convinced, as indeed you will know from my responses at the time, that it is the solution or explanation of your situation nor possibly kwensel, although that has been complicated by the auto-contribute point.

As to who marked it as solution if you click the three horizontal dots near reply for the post marked as solution I think you will find it is liked by a member of the Brave team which I believe makes it the solution. You may like to ask them to help you see how the post is a solution to your situation. Gd luck I shall continue to follow the topic, and hope that on this thread kwensel finds the Brave BAT experience to improve for them.

Hi and welcome,
Today is the beginning of a new month and so the balances get re-set to zero. However there should be a panel somewhere depending on whether you are on mobile or desktop saying something like your X.xx BAT payout will begin processing in x days. If this is not there (as I had last month) it may mean nothing and just be a technical glitch somewhere and certainly I received my BAT.
But do check that you have auto-contribute toggled off otherwise you are automatically contributing to the advertisers you have viewed which is fine if that’s what you wanted to do.

Thanks, I will try that :slightly_smiling_face:

hey i think the december reset worked because i got my rewards now

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glad things are working for you :grinning:

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