My rewards are lost

ı send rewards tokens to my youtube channel. totaly 100 BAT , but just 26.6 bats showing . nearly 75 bat tokens are missing. and l have got more than but l can’t trust the system. l think if l will send the other token they will be lost too. please give my tokens back. l have got two pc soo two brave brpwser. and the pictures is one of them.

I created a poll for people to vote because of problem like this Tipping loading interface

You have to used brave browser for at least 10 to 15 minutes After Tipping… Definitely u will get all Donation.

@asncloud welcome to the community

l use browser 3 or 4 months. and l send tips 5-6 days ago. l am still use browser. but tokens are missing. somebodyy must t solve this problem. because it is very serious for this system.

this is my second message for to solve my problem and the second time you are send the same message. but you don’t solve the problem.

first transfer my tokens arrived in1-2 minutes. 10-15 minutes is not true

why the Brave support servise do not solve this problem. 17 days pass and my problem is not solved. my tokens are missing nearly 70-80. and I affraid to send the others tokens. what should I do

Sorry to hear this but the story feels strange. I know once you tip you should leave the browser active for a while before closing it

same here, fan showed me screenshots of tips being deducted and all, but even after 1+ month still nothing in my publisher wallet.

I read that tips sometimes take longer, but waiting for more than a month now, missing 65 BAT (what now is more valuable ;))


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