My rewarded BAT is missing!

Hi there,

My rewarded BAT is missing! Please see the attached file.(the language is in Chinese i don’t know how to switch to English but i can explain the information shown on that.)

The estimated rewards should be 2.3BAT, and today suddenly it turned to 0.11BAT. I’m quite depressed that I’ve seen and clicked so many ADs.

You can see the amount of the ADs I’ve received this month is 223, so it’s impossible that now the number of the rewarded BAT is 0.11BAT.

In order to use BAT, I’ve registered account in Uphold and bought more BAT there. But if the BAT reward is not stable, I won’t be confident to keep using it and as well as introduce it to my friends

Could you please check and help? I hope i can have the missing BAT back.

Many thanks.

I’m using surface pro with Windows 10 and the version of brave is 1.23.71.

Waiting for your feedbacks and thanks again.


Er, they came back just now…

Thank you, anyone helped!

387 BAT :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:
How is this possible?

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i spent 500USD to buy it in uphold…just a test…