My reddit account was banned

My reddit account was banned

Hello! My old reddit account, which I used for the last 10 years, has recently been banned. What the hell?

Some time ago, I began to notice that the reddit react strangely to posts, messages and mentions about Brave. At first I did not attach much importance to this, but now I understand that it would probably be worth it. Posts mentioning your browser have stopped passing the spam filter and automaticly deleted. And now my account is banned, absolutely unfair.

I am completely upset. What should I do with a referral link now? Can I use it outside the reddit?


Hey @Dakarasa welcome to Community. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about your Reddit account (we’ve had some issues with their spam filter ourselves!) Thank you for the heads-up, though.

You can use your referral link anywhere. It will be totally unaffected by this.

Also, one quick question for you – was this ban Reddit-wide, or only for Brave-related subreddits?

But for what are they banned me? Don’t you collaborate with them? Yes, the account is completely deleted and it no longer exists. My whole history is gone, this is unfair. Oh shit, this is a damn tragedy.

We have a BAT extension for Reddit tipping, yes, but – we don’t collaborate with Reddit per se. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do about your deleted Reddit account. :frowning:

My account and reddit are also blocked. I am sure that the reason for blocking was a referral link to download the browser.I did a great job on this account! My publisher account is blocked and I won’t get paid for my work. Please help solve this problem.


Hello, I received a letter that my account is permanently blocked, but this letter is more like a template in which they told me that I violated something, but did not specify that. I did a lot of work, my reddit account, which I kept since 2012, was blocked and this is because of the referral link to the Brave browser, and many in the Brave community complain about this, so this not only my problem. I understand that you have a lot of work, but writing pattern letters is not cool!

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Hello my brave account was blocked, they didn’t explain why why “you on your reddit account recruited our brave figs for you” so you do it still blocked the reddit account that I used for more than 7 years if you can’t specifically say why my account was blocked brave account means you didn’t want to figure it out and just blocked it.

Hi @Comp - as mentioned above, we have no control over or relation to your reddit account :frowning:

and you have access to my brave account can you explain why it is blocked?

Hi everyone. This is a complex issue, as some of you here in this thread are or were under review for violations of the Brave Creators policy.

As a rule, we do not openly discuss these matters here on Community, for the sake of your own privacy and keeping Community running smoothly.

If you engaged in spamming/abuse on Reddit’s system with a Brave-related link, there is absolutely nothing we can do about that. We have no control over Reddit’s decisions here. Please contact Reddit support if you believe you were mistakenly banned.

Please DM me for more information about your suspensions or if you have any specific questions about your case(s).

I will be closing this thread now.

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