My Publishers Account Has Not Been Updated

Hello guys, as you can see on the screenshot below. i have already received 1473 BATs As the referral payment but my payment hasn’t been updated on the last deposit Field. do you know when will it be updated??? @steeven

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this periode you no payment

yes even i have the same problem

same here but when update it i dnt know.

Same here… creators still not updated…

Hi @TonyStark - to confirm, you did receive your payment? The dash will update soon.


@steeven i received my payment. but the dash hasn’t been updated. and i am not receiving confirmed referrals from some days. it there any problem with my account???

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Why isn’t the dashboard updating? i am at worry please tell me @steeven it has been 3 days, since i received my payment but my dashboard isn’t updating. will it update? if yes than when will it update???


@steeven @Mattches please reply and help me.

I can see several other people with the same problem , include me

Same problem to my account. 0 balance

Same here, please help me!! @steeven

We’re still in the process of executing the final payments, we’ll be updating these balances when everyone has been paid out! Thanks for your patience.

Update: We’ve completed all payments, balances have been reflected appropriately


Quiere decir que cuando actualicen ya el publisher van actualizar los confirmados de Agosto.

eso es lo que precisamente dice ahi amigo , esperemos que si

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Cory, I use to be able to access my BAT and tip YouTubers at will but now it seems Brave is asking me to join some third party group I know nothing about in order to access my funds, is this correct? If it is, why does Brave except no responsibility for dealing with these 3rd party sites that control our Wallets, I mean if you don’t trust them, why should we?

I’m not sure what you mean, can you provide more context?

Ok I’m not going to get to deep because it’s hard enough to chat using these boards. All i want to do with my Brave rewards is tip YouTubers when they have brave logo. I found Brave and downloaded it because of a YouTuber suggesting it. I use to be able to tip anyone I wanted but now When i try to tip , it asks me to verify my wallet. I believe i have already verified my wallet as i have already tipped people several times. When I click the triangle icon in my browser I get this message

This creator has not yet signed up to receive contributions from Brave users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until they verify

When I click ‘Verify’ it wants me to join ‘Uphold’ yet it also say’s. Verifying your wallet is optional. You only need to verify if you want to

  1. Withdraw BAT that you earn from viewing privacy-respecting ads

  2. Purchase additional BAT with credit cards and other sources

or 3. Withdraw BAT that you may have previously added to your Brave Rewards wallet

I don’t want to do any of these, I simply wish to tip with funds i’ve earned from watching adds. I feel like i’m being forced to join ‘Uphold’ in order to tip people as the tipping process stopped working a while ago. It now say’s we are holding your tips until you join Uphold. Why?

Something like this :point_up: @2Wheels?

This message mean the channel owner is not registering their channel to Brave Creators program yet – so it’s not verified.

This should mean “Until the creator join the program” – not you.

Any tips/contribution to unverified creators will not be processed until they – creator/channel owner – verify it/join the program.

So, this one :point_up: is still possible. You don’t need an Uphold account if you don’t want to.

Thanks Eljuno for trying to help. No, I’m not trying to send tips to youtubers that do not have Brave. I am trying to tip those that have the Brave symbol, in Fact one of them ‘We Are Change’ Channel, promoted the brave browser for me to download. I can’t even tip him!

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