My Privacy is at Risk with Your Choice of Wallet

I’ve downloaded and been using Brave Browser both on my laptop and on my phone for several months, was looking for the time you will enable Ads Rewards and was excited to see it coming. I’m a content creator, I run and manage a couple of established sites for more than 15 years now with tens of thousands of monthly visitors.

I’ve registered properly for Brave Rewards, and when it came to Uphold Wallet, I became super concerned about my privacy. Can you give me one reason why I should share with you what I refrained from sharing with Google and Microsoft? And what guarantees you’ll give me that my information will not be ‘leaked’ or ‘hacked’ at any time in the future, and what are the compensation you offer me in case it does get hacked, as what happens in almost all the cases when Tech companies collect enough info about users.

Uphold was not satisfied of receiving a clear scan of my Driving License, both sides, and a passport picture of me, they asked me to hold it and take a Selfie with it, only missing is carrying a sing with my prison number on it.

And when I asked them the same questions I asked above they ‘suspended my account’…!


So why again do they need all these information? And please don’t give me the ‘for the security of my wallet’, this is a crypto wallet and not a bank for fiat money.

Find another wallet provider to manage the wallet, or please stop promoting yourselves as privacy concerned developers.

Thank you.


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